Monday, September 20, 2010

Donald Judd's Library Online

The 13,000 books in Donald Judd's Library in Marfa, Texas are available to browse online here. It is more of an upclose and personal look than the Judd Foundation tour which only allows you to look inside the windows. I like the objects sitting on the shelves and underneath - stones lined up in order and even a pair of wooden Dutch shoes. It becomes more about organization - what is vertical, horizontal, how the blank spaces inform the groupings, etc.

In some ways, it reminds me of Ed Ruscha's Information Man (yes, I am still trying to finish Ed Ruscha and Los Angeles - not for lack of interest but mainly lack of time). Information Man can account for all of his books (hypothetically of course):

"of all the books of mine that are out in the public that only 17 are actually placed face up with nothing covering them. 2026 are in vertical positions in libraries, while 2715 are under books in stacks… 58 have been lost; 14 totally destroyed by water or fire; while 216 could be considered badly worn. A whopping 319 books are in positions between 40 and 50 degrees and most of these are probably in bookshelves with the stacks leaning at odd angles. 18 of the books have been deliberately thrown away or purposely destroyed. A surprising 53 books have never been opened….”

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