Friday, September 10, 2010

Nine Fake Cakes and Nine Bodies of Water Postcards, 2010

Items that fascinated me about the postcards: 1) how wrecked some of them arrived and how they were postmarked, 2) how people began to display them in very different ways/spaces, 3) actually accomplishing my first mail art project, 4) how the postcard backs became as important as the fronts, and 5) reintroducing anticipation via the US mail. Making these became a lesson in errors because my turn-around time in most cases was so minimal. I don't like to point out all their mistakes but they are certainly part of the creation process.

I forgot to include my name as a recipient with Louisville hence the scan of Hannah's for Big Pink's arrival (and then I forgot to scan the front of her card).

Here is where I printed the card on the wrong profile so it is far more saturated than it should be.

I started to go overboard in thinking of the back with this card - taking specific photographs just for it.

I really wanted to show the viewer how many attempts it took to get the right image with this cake so the back had to be an indication of that.

I had to use a Maid of the Mist image and the underwater cameras for something!

My favorite postcard back in ode to my family's relationship to 666 (displayed here with my brother and sister-in-law's current address).

Yes... the reasoning behind this postcard was well documented in an earlier post or four.

This would be the postcard that I didn't realize needed a nozzle check until printing all of the backs (but fixed before printing the front).

Yet another mistake (can you say rushed before school started four days later?). I knew how long this card would be but ultimately it was too narrow to mail so i had to rig a makeshift envelope that cost over twice as much as a postcard to send.

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