Saturday, May 30, 2015

Postcard Collective Spring 2015: "A Great Distance"

[Excuse the fact that my laptop was a problematic beast and prevented blogging in a timely manner during most of the Earthworks Road Trip Volume 2. I will make up for it in the coming weeks.]

I knew that I wanted to create a postcard focusing on one of my multiple trips to Spiral Jetty this month, long before the 5th anniversary theme "A Great Distance" was announced. Fortunately, the concept of soaking paper in the Great Salt Lake was a relevant topic. I also knew that I was unable to adhere to the deadline, something that I try hard to follow (and have only failed at once). They were sent 24 days late (sorry everyone).

The night before leaving for Amarillo, I spent 2.5 hours on the old fashioned typewriter, trying not to make too many mistakes but eventually tossing five. I had every intention to send them in the plastic envelope seen below, but the object after the soaking was too fragile and I opted for encasing them in another envelope. Yes, I, too, am skeptical that this is the equivalent of a postcard.

Spiral Jetty can be seen in this photograph along the shore on the left. This was the clearest water not counting the murky puddles in the background.

The "postcard" is the evidence of a performative action that occurred on 19th May 2015. Salt and sand encrust some of the pages as they took two days to dry on a motel radiator and the floor of a car.

It may also be one of my first contributions that did not feature a photograph.

All images were taken by Kyla Tighe on my iPhone 6. I couldn't be happier with her results despite the overcast day.

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