Monday, May 4, 2015

Photolucida Wrap Up (Because One is Never 100% Prepared)

Just in case no one thought I attended the event, Amelia sent me this screenshot the day after my review with Alyssa Coppelman that occurred Friday the 24th April. This was after she wanted to Instagram my "I'm Amazing" sticker that Amelia made for me a couple years ago.

I have not had one moment to process this event or follow up with any of the reviewers and will do that at the end of the month. Undoubtedly grand conclusions will follow. Below are some highlights.

Alexis Pike's new series on Evil Knievel

Ian van Coller showing off his awe inspiring new book on last year's travels to Iceland.

The portfolio share for the general public at the Portland Art Museum after the fire marshal came and forced crowd control.

Benson Hotel portfolio reviews.

A book I didn't know I wanted until I saw it on Mississippi Street.

Best book juxtaposition at Powell's.

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