Sunday, April 12, 2015

Burial (always)

Jacinda Russell, The Burial of Three People, Two Places, and One Time Period: Place 1 at Double Negative, 2009

As the end of the semester draws to a close and the earthworks road trip approaches, the burial of objects is on my mind. I have no plans to inter anything this trip, preferring instead to observe. I cannot help but be reminded of the past, however, as distant as it may be.

The passage below is from an article we read in the Space, Land and Concept... course this month which brought back memories in terms of why I am compelled to complete this action.

"The act of burial or placing into the ground and receiving from it, a cause-and-effect process, marks our intimate relationship with the earth. On the one hand, it indicates passing, returning to the soil, disintegration and transformation; on the other, generation and life-giving, placing in the ground for the purpose of planting. It is also a metaphor for human intelligence and transcendence through the communication of ideas..."

Agnes Denes in "Notes on Eco-Logic: Environmental Artwork, Visual Philosophy and Global Perspective"

[Congratulations to Agnes Denes the award winner of a Guggenheim Fellowship this month.]

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