Thursday, April 16, 2015

Amelia and Laurie Conquer Erwin Wurm's "Euclidean Exercises" at the IMA

... while Jacinda relished in the excuse that she is recovering from surgery and could not participate.

The museum guard convinced us that lying sideways on the plank was best. Amelia held on for nearly a minute in that position and aced the foot balancing exercise.

Laurie, on the other hand could have taken a nap in this position. She held on for well over a minute with such ease, it hardly looked like a challenge.

None of us wanted to turn into Wurm's One Minute Sculpture Forever. Euclidean Exercises is still on view at the Indianapolis Museum of Art until the 21st June.

P.S. This may be the ugliest/least inviting art museum bench I have ever seen.
The Hater of All Things Beige

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