Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Swap with Camden Hardy

Interrupting last month's regularly scheduled programming with something that occurred today!  The Swap with Camden Hardy.

Jacinda Russell, The Swap with Camden Hardy

Camden Hardy, The Swap with Jacinda Russell

“Our paths first crossed in the spring of 2009, when James Luckett ( convinced Jacinda to become a member of the newly formed Postcard Collective ( Jacinda had a deep-seated interest in mail art and began to flood Camden with postcards of fake Styrofoam and caulk cakes floating in water. We meet in person on occasion when the opportunity arises, but our relationship is primarily maintained through mail and electronic correspondence. We began to collaborate on an ongoing project in 2012.

"We share a tremendous interest in how people value physical objects and decided to trade something of great personal value, not knowing what the other would choose. We made the exchange in a parking lot during a quick meeting in Tucson, Arizona and commemorated the event by photographing each other holding the objects we received. Jacinda returned to Indiana and settled on displaying Camden’s portrait in a manner similar to the framed photograph of strangers he had acquired at a thrift store. Camden became infatuated with the mysterious stain on the back of Jacinda’s book and the story it tells. Our artwork rarely includes images of other human beings, so it was a challenge for both of us to create something that would reflect our original intent while revealing something about the other person.”

Camden Hardy and Jacinda Russell

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