Thursday, January 22, 2015

Michael Heizer's "Levitated Mass"

I watched the spectacle of Levitated Mass online as it was moved from a quarry in Riverside to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art over the period of ten nights in 2012. In person, it is a sight to be hold and very easy to photograph multiple times at every angle.

The image above depicts one of the two entries which, fortunately, only featured five people (rather than two dozen) photographing themselves as Hercules lifting the 21' high, 340 ton monolith over their heads. 

I was curious about support systems in a location so close to the San Andreas Fault.

It was equally important to walk next to the monolith as it was underneath it. The light changed the form drastically from one side to the next. At one moment it resembled an Egyptian pyramid but quickly turned into a prow of a ship.

I suppose I should watch the movie before we discuss Michael Heizer in the earthworks class. Netflix thinks I will only rate it 2.7 so this is not promising.

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