Friday, December 5, 2014

"Russell, Russell who was [s]he?"

Once a couple years ago, I wrote this about my "photographs not taken." The Daily Iowan obituary of a Professor Russell's death at the University of Iowa in the 1960s and its prominent position in my father's office for several decades, will haunt me forever (much like it did him). Unfortunately, I cannot find this article online nor can my father find the yellowed clipping.

Today I recreated it by installing vinyl letters of the phrase on my office door. I have steadily rotated the slide tape crumpled into an abstract design from the back to the front of the door all semester so its placement is not staged. I sewed the curtains my first semester - some of the last fabric I bought at Bolt while living in Portland. My only fear is that it looks like the text was Photoshopped.

In the meantime, Amelia once told me that karoshi will be my downfall. I need to prove both these statements wrong.

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