Sunday, December 21, 2014

John Baldessari Lives Here

I have threatened to find John Baldessari's house for a couple years and I can cross that off the Artist Stalking list as of last week. Above is the video still from A Brief History of John Baldessari and below is his house. The foliage has grown considerably between the two.

Of all the artist's houses I have seen, this one is my favorite (read: I am most envious of this location and design = this is something to strive for one day).

There were two visits to this Venice Beach complex because I neglected to bring the big camera the first time. This blown out photograph features the front door open (!) and evidence of someone moving around in the house (!!).

The second day, the sun was in a better position (damn this winter light) and the front door was closed.

On both days, this truck was parked out front complete with a map of the US tossed in back. That small detail was a highlight since one of my favorite artworks of his is California Map Project.

Also, see that bush on the far right of the house in the photograph below?

A piece of Camden's Rock was tossed there.

Next up... Ed Ruscha.

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