Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Arne Svenson's "Strays"

Arne Svenson, From the series Strays

There is so much to love about Arne Svenson's latest project Strays. It is all I can do not to post every single image from his series (I will not so be sure to check more out here). From the artist statement:

"Strays are images of kittens that are photographed in such a way that denies the viewer the opportunity to see their faces. The heads are turned so far to the background so as to totally disengage the subject from the viewer. In many cases, the head is turned far enough so as to appear as though there is no face to the kitten as if it had slipped off, to be replaced by the blankness of fur."

Arne Svenson, From the series Strays 

I have known of Svenson's work since he exhibited Sock Monkeys in Portland, Oregon. I've avidly followed the controversy behind The Neighbors (finding those images to be some of the most elegant representations of voyeurism ever). Why not follow it up with studio portraits of cats? Thank you Mr. Svenson for finding great humor in such a challenging photographic situation.

Arne Svenson, From the series Strays

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