Sunday, October 6, 2013

1045 Lists

I shipped my lists to Ucross, Wyoming and gave myself permission to cease collecting them while on the residency. Another artist asked me why I stopped and the reason is simple: they were taking up too much room on my bookshelf, in plain sight, and were making me uncomfortable. It is liberating to toss every list that I've made since into the recycling bag.

During Photolucida last April, I was told on a couple occasions to be as obsessive with my objects as David C. Nolan and Arline Conradt were with theirs. After fumbling around with a couple other ideas, I kept coming back to the lists. What could I do that was even more over the top than collecting and counting them? First step: photographing them in neat piles. I do not like what will come next but it will be challenging (and within that, I hope "interesting").

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