Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Circle is Completed: Chris Toalson Responds to My Postcard Prompts

In January 2012, I completed Chris Toalson's prompts from a Postcard Collective entry he sent in November 2011.

The results were published here.  I replied with the following which Chris printed on note cards to carry around in his wallet for several months.

During the Society for Photographic Education conference in Chicago, Chris gave me this book which was not only a huge surprise but one of the greatest artist's books anyone has ever given me. What follows are three of my favorite pages or answers to the questions above.

When I receive postcards that ask me to do something, I am compelled to follow through. Sometimes it takes a very long time (still working on the mini wallpaper from Jeremy Jams) but eventually it happens. Chris' response was the most gratifying experience in solicited collaboration.

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