Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cat Scrapbook In Progress

In April, I tried to complete the cat scrapbook before attending the Photolucida portfolio reviews. Assembling 3770 cats was a task greater than the time I had allotted and I only finished 1/3 after many 2-3 AM nights up late gluing. My goal is to finish it before the end of June.

The paper for the cover arrived yesterday. I noticed that my version of Arline Conradt's cat scrapbook will have far less pages. Why? I tend to go for quantity of cats rather than including many pages with 1-2 big cats.

However, this did not apply when my brother and sister-in-law gave me a belated joke Christmas present while I was in Oregon: a cat book larger than my suitcase. I spent two days cutting it up, cropping the bigger images to the size of my 13x19" portfolio. Part of me wished I purposefully left all the cat cut-outs in the box when I met with the reviewers just to see their faces.

Looking at how other people have referenced the scale of Alice Buckman's Cats on Amazon is amusing.

Here are some individual pages that are complete. Like Arline, I have divided mine into sections but have plans to depart from her process considerably at the end.This page is from the post-its and note cards "chapter" and is one of my favorites (in addition to nearly every reviewer at Photolucida).

There are several pages devoted to cartoons from The New Yorker.

Stickers and small cats cut nearly the size of stickers.

Blue paper as background and postcard section.

From my childhood stationery that I rediscovered before this event two years ago. 

More postcards including a $7 one purchased at the ICP a year ago strictly for this book on the top right (it moves!).

This page marks the departure from Arline's sections into something that is more "me." I found two images of Marilyn Monroe with cats and wrote a small paragraph wondering what David C. Nolan would have said about these two images if they were in his collection.

More to come as I reassess all the feedback from Photolucida and wrap this up (at long last).

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