Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Box That Holds the Lunch Bags

Little did I know this box would play a role in Hannah's paintings of the lunch bags. She showed me a watercolor of it last week and my first thought was "how did you flatten that box so well?" Trompe l'oeil baby, trompe l'oeil.

She painted it because it is the container that holds the containers and that philosophy fits well with our upcoming exhibition. Above is a quick photograph of the box in Hannah's studio with a pile of the lunch bags deteriorating on a daily basis alongside. Needless to say, I borrowed the box back and photographed it. This object that I deemed so insignificant, I didn't even recognize it's importance until Hannah documented it, may be the cover of our artist's book.

Save the date! Echo of the Object with Hannah Barnes, David Hannon and Jennifer Halvorson and yours truly is Friday 2nd November from 4-6 PM in the Atrium Gallery at Ball State University. I found out this week that our exhibition is not only traveling to Poland in April but will also be exhibited in Knoxville,Tennessee next summer. These bags are going places.

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