Monday, October 29, 2012

Destroying the Lunch Bags

Over a year ago, I gave Hannah my lunch bags. She proceeded to draw them and now she had to figure out what to do to their remains (constant exposure to air caused them to deteriorate further). Here they are moments before they were destroyed.

After tossing around several ideas, she decided to open them and rip them into several pieces.

Autumn was the main person behind this task as she is responsible for how they are torn and will ultimately stamp them with a 2" rubber "Echo" stamp. I couldn't do it but I had no problem photographing every step of the way.

All the bags opened and ready for tearing.

The most disintegrated bag proved to be the most difficult to rip.

Autumn sizing them up.

All the pieces ready to be stamped. We are passing out seven years of my life at the opening Friday in the Atrium Gallery at Ball State University from 4-6 PM.

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