Monday, September 24, 2012

Some Belated Photographs from Vincennes

Vincennes was far more historical than I imagined it to be. It is the oldest European town in Indiana, established by the French in 1732.  The governor's mansion where William Henry Harrison resided before becoming the 9th President of the US is on campus. The rumor mill supplied that the previous water tower located in the same location as the one above was burned down by John Mellencamp when he attended the University.

I couldn't resist photographing this school bus on a walk around campus.

The lecture hall in the Humanities building has so many examples of color temperature occurring at a given time, I became overly fascinated with photographing the space before and after my talk. 

 Behind the stage.

A scary drop from a door.

After my presidential debate.

 These lunch bags are huge! After the closing reception.

 Drove back through Bloomington and visited the Chocolate Moose (they have vegan ice cream!) on the way to Muncie.

Kuba Prestige Panels at the John Waldron Art Center in Bloomington.

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