Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Donald Abad's "I Did Not Own the Roden Crater"

Video still from Donald Abad's I Did Not Own the Roden Crater

One of my favorite parts about visiting all the major earthworks in the Western US is receiving emails from people who have done the same. Donald Abad emailed this link today with the video I Did Not Own the Roden Crater. He visited the same year we did and had  similar experiences with the man in the SUV watching over him in parts of the video, another man driving up in a truck to explain that the crater is closed, interactions with a barbed wire fence, and so on. Abad flies a kite while we flew balloons. I imagine they see it all from atop the crater. I'm looking forward to his return trip and what it produces in 2014.

I've often thought of the art I would make now about returning since all of the pieces have been experienced first hand. I have always known I will see the inside of Roden Crater but it probably won't be until after Turrell has passed away and it's opened to the general public in some capacity. I will be the white haired lady reminiscing about toasting beer to the guard on the ridge way back in 2010 or sneaking past the fence a few yards and burying an object from the past. In all likelihood, I will remain silent and not reveal a thing.

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