Saturday, June 23, 2012

Swimming Pools: This Summer's Encore

Apparently I need to curate an exhibition covering this topic.

Giffen Clark Ott, James Turrell Swimming Pool, (thanks to Elise for the link) 

Astrid Kruse Jensen, Hypernatural #37

Loretta Ayeroff, Motel Series


Emily Shur, The Swimming Pool by Leandro Erlich, Kanazawa

Andreas Gursky, Swimming Pool, Ratingen, 1987

Martin Parr, From Mexico, c. 2006

Clint Baclawski, Private Cove, 2012

Paul Kranzler, From Brut

Reiner Riedler, Horizon #01, Tropical Islands, Germany, 2007

Richard Kolker, David Hockney: A Bigger Splash, 1967 from the series Reference, Referents, 2011

Shawn Huckins, 510D Hockney Splash, 2008

Samantha French, Dive In; Float, 2011

Wolfgang Tillmans, Hallenbad, Detail, 1995

Alex Webb, Ciudad Madero, Mexico, 1983

Garry Winogrand, Memphis, 1964 (there's a 2013 Garry Winogrand retrospective coming soon to a giant coastal city near you)

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