Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Days go by...

I've been simultaneously plugging away at four projects this month which means not much progress gets made on one producing little news to post. Here are some images from this week.

Black-and-white mock-up of the self-published Blurb book on Nine Fake Cakes and Nine Bodies of Water is in the works. It's edited and now I need to resize individual images and plug into the Blurb software but instead I've spent vast quantities of time in the wood shop.

Five frames are made and six encaustics supports (2 each in case I mess up the first attempt).

I get so bored of editing images on the computer, it's great to build things. Here are the encaustics supports post sanding.

They are gessoed for greater luminosity. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish this portion of the month's activities and will move on to staining frames, matting prints and editing a book. I also need to make a cat scrapbook and a David C. Nolan artist's book.

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