Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Marilyn photographs

While trying to find a high resolution image of Vik Muniz's Two Cows for a lecture this evening, I found this.

From the link above: "'It’s my favorite photograph!' says Muniz, whose work often incorporates strange materials (jelly, thread, Bosco). 'And the credits of The Misfits, one of my favorite movies, use puzzle pieces. This uses ten puzzles, with the image rotated at odd angles—like 37 degrees, 48 degrees, clockwise, and counterclockwise— relating the material and the idea.'"

I find John Baldessari's image to be a bit more engaging: "Like many of Baldessari’s recent works of subtraction, Marilyn Monroe: Partially Erased is 'about disturbing the hierarchy of vision: You usually look at the face first, and if you’re blocked out, you’re going to look at other things—the way they’re standing, like that. [But] the mole would be there. She never had it removed, so I didn’t either.'”

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