Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Perhaps it started with Errol Morris' Believing is Seeing where he deconstructs Arthur Rothstein's cow skull photograph (above). Since I am making the seniors read this book in the coming weeks, I plan to post a little more about it as it has also been my favorite read on photography in a very long time. In any case, I've noticed a lot of cows in art lately (and I'm not talking about cow parades).

Rodrigo de Filippis, National Interference, 2010 (Digital collage)

Vik Muniz, Two Cows, 1994

Anonymous, Hazel Bauer, 1960s from The Art of the American Snapshot 1888-1978

Anonymous from 1920s (source same as above)

I still entertain the thought of having a cow on a pole as seen in front of old butcher stores on top of a house I will buy someday. I am still not sure why that visual has always appealed to me - large animals suspended in the sky. I'm not even that interested in these animals (they may have the same amount of letters as "cats" but they aren't the same) but perhaps it is one way of saving one from a butcher shop.

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