Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SFMOMA's Dessert Menu

In addition to Wayne Theibaud inspired cakes, SFMOMA's rooftop cafe's dessert menu features some real beauties (hello March visit!):

Michael Jackson and Bubbles Dessert (after this infamous sculpture)

Richard Serra Build It Yourself Dessert

See more art inspired dessert options here including an interview with the pastry chef, Caitlin Williams Freeman.

"To figure out what else I was going to make, I went and soaked in every piece of art that was on display and tried to figure out what to do. And it's fun because, with the exception of the Thiebaud cake, which we always have on the menu whether or not the painting is hanging, we really keep the desserts limited to reflecting what's actually on display in the museum. So when a new show comes up, we make a new dessert based on what will be showing."

Aside from exhibitions of Bay Area artists in March during the Society for Photographic Education conference, the museum will be showing the painter Richard Aldrich. Here's to wondering how to make a cake inspired by this.

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