Sunday, November 20, 2011

Montana Part 2

Alexis via email: "You should come float some clear waters in the summer under the big sky -- or do a project on earthworks that occur in Yellowstone that you made and got arrested for by the feds." Sounds like a plan (other than the arrested part).

Alexis in Chris's office, Montana State University

Hanging out with Chris Anderson

A beautiful print that reminds me all too well of summer by Chris Anderson.

An image from Halli Bischoff's senior thesis.

I had individual critiques with 22 students over a two day period. In addition to Halli's work also see John Schlepp, Heather McKenney, Mark A. Lee, Sam Reinsel, and Collin Avery's "Here nor There" which was featured in Lenscratch in July 2011.

Bulletin Board at MSU

A minute or two before Alexis gave the best introduction to my lecture ever in Studio B (a cavern)

While wandering through the MSU hallways...

... nothing like an i-Phone photo of cookies at Rosauers (not so great food photography).

Another odd (and horribly reflective) photograph of Marilyn Monroe in the School of Film and Photography Building.

... about that snow...

The next day... the view from Alexis's office window at MSU

A Bozeman mailbox in 10 degree weather (that nearly resembles the photograph above).

A drive around town (en route to the Bridger Bowl) before heading to the airport.

Reading material on the flight to Indianapolis provided by Sage Lewis (thanks!).

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