Friday, November 12, 2010

Cat Lynch's Five Minute Drawing

(for her to turn into a performance once I finally return it two months later).

In late September (embarrassing to admit), Cat Lynch sent me the following instructions:

I began the task today at 10:12:03 AM and finished it at 10:17:12 AM. I spent the majority of that time running around trying to find my xylene marker. Incidentally, it's taken me twice as long to post this entry.

With this drawing, I'm revealing that I'm obsessively keeping my lists (and counting them - a little over one list a day). I also date the day they were "retired" on the back side (so it became imperative that I do the same to this one). The graph paper and instructions screamed numbers and that's the end product. More on the lists at another time. They continue to grow because of course, a copy of this drawing was included in the list pile. I'm looking forward to seeing what Cat does with it!

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