Tuesday, November 9, 2010

c. 1978

It snowed/sleeted/hailed Friday (I stand corrected... Drew informed me that the correct terminology was graupel). Dreaming of swimming pools.... Since it is late fall, getting dark far too early with the time change, and bordering on winter, how about some black-and-white swimming pools? It helps imagining a combination of the previous IKB post with these images.

The only color photograph in the whole book (courtesy of Brent Cole = thank you!).

i seriously want this pool (except for the snakes undoubtedly basking in the sun on the boulders).

Nice burned in cloud of doom in the sky above.

Love how the diving board looks like a straw (and the "freeform" a bladder).

Just insert Yves Klein's Folding Screen seen in the previous post here.

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