Monday, May 23, 2016

étapes: 229

Sometimes projects have a life of their own long after I am through with them. Emoji Art History is one. In December, I was asked by étapes, a French design and cultural magazine, to include some of my works in their upcoming publication on "Signs and Symbols." I finally received one in the mail (well at least close enough where my cousin could photograph the pages and text them to me)!


Ultimately, only one was published in Geff Pellet's essay, "Que Veulent Les Emojis?" Time to brush up on my French.

One of these days I will have to start a list of the myriad of ways my last name is spelled, however, it most likely will not number over half a dozen as the one below is most common.

Viva Edvard Munch!

 [All photographs in this blog post are courtesy of DKG.]

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