Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Swimsuit Mini-Crisis Part 2

Many months later, the task of throwing out my favorite swimsuit was still problematic. It lived in my dresser drawer unusable since winter. This was the first suit that I had to get rid of since I stopped saving them to create this piece. Everything about living in the PNW is wrapped up in this article of clothing, hence the difficulty. I convinced myself that only with photographic documentation, the crunchy straps facing the camera revealing why it could no longer be worn, was I able to toss it. Not so.

It did not feel right to discard it in a known or random trashcan, so I brought it back to the house, carefully folded it, and tied it with a bow. Even then I could not throw it away! I returned to the studio to document it and without hesitating (otherwise I would have invented one more way to photograph it), I dropped it in the garbage can at school.

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