Saturday, March 28, 2015

Globes Part 6

X-ray of a Celestial Globe by Benjamin Martin after 1757

My mother bought me this book for Christmas and I was drawn to the ancient forms and the alteration of the globe into other functional objects (toys, umbrellas, etc.). In the x-ray above, one can see the nails and support pillar. There is also a bag of lead shot inside.

Dissected Globe Educational Game, c. 1866

Dissected Globe Educational Game, c. 1866

Drawing of a Terrestrial Globe

Pocket globes (!) with Interior Celestial Globe, c. 1715 [I will take one of these please]

From Globes: 400 Years of Exploration: "Martin Behaim’s globe, made in 1492, is thought to be the oldest surviving terrestrial globe. The sources are Ptolemaic and medieval maps, information from Marco Polo. The most remarkable features is that the Americas are not shown, for the globe was completed before Christopher Columbus returned from his westerly voyage."

Terrestrial Umbrella Globe, c. 1860

Francis Benjamin Johnston, A Lesson in Geography in Washington, DC, 1899

Back to the 20th and 21st century:

Mari Mahr, Unconsciously Perhaps, 1988

Olivia Locher, How to See North America

Sage Lewis, Cyanotype Globe [Check out Sage's recent works in her Doha, Qatar studio]

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