Friday, February 20, 2015

Art Department: Confetti in the Desk Drawer

I am slowly working on the section of the Art Department series that features a letter outlining outrageous activities that occurred in one department in the 1970-1990s. This circumstance featured a stolen master key and confetti dumped into the drawers of all the faculty members' desks after hours. I purchased $25 of confetti and fortunately, my friend David let me use his office for the photo shoot. I didn't want to buy pink confetti (which symbolically represented the person who originally did this in the 1970s) and opted for bags that described me. I was thrilled to find saguaros (Viva Cinco de Mayo!) and also purchased anything that was predominantly blue.

I spent time separating a few of the cacti from the chili peppers before I tossed all of the confetti into one ziplock to mix them, thoroughly convinced that it was sealed properly before I turned it upside down to shake.


There went an hour on a Sunday afternoon picking confetti out of the kitchen sink with tweezers.

At least it was good practice for the real event three days later.

Here is the image that I am contemplating using in the series.

I left David a few surprises in his tack box after spending an hour cleaning up the confetti.

David's lunch bags or my audience during this 2.5 hour affair.

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