Monday, August 4, 2014

Rósa Gíslasdóttir

Rósa Gíslasdóttir, The Doubts of Future Foes

While on my residency in May, I met an artist named Samuel Paden who suggested I research the artwork of Rósa Gíslasdóttir, an artist from Iceland. Her series The Doubts of Future Foes concentrates on an everyday object, the bottle which relates to my Clear Water Sample series.

Rósa Gíslasdóttir, The Doubts of Future Foes

Rósa Gíslasdóttir, The Doubts of Future Foes

"She is fascinated by artifacts that have been produced and utilized for millennia. In the course of a long development, the forms of plates, jars and bottles have become fixed... She discovers the 'perfect form' in the object of our immediate environment, and our waste, making her selection on the basis of aesthetic criteria. A plastic Coca-Cola bottle, for example, is taken to represent a disturbing product of waste and, simultaneously, a precious form." [via]

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