Friday, November 22, 2013


Adam Fuss, Untitled, 1992 

"#30. If a color could deliver hope, does it follow that it also bring despair? I can think of many occasions in which a blue has made me feel suddenly hopeful (turning one's car around a sharp curve on a precipice and abruptly finding ocean; flipping on the light in a stranger's bathroom one presumed to be white but which was in fact, robin's egg blue; coming across a collection of navy blue bottle tops pressed into cement on the Williamsburg Bridge, or a shining mountain of broken blue glass outside a glass factory in Mexico), but for the moment, I can't think of any times that blue has caused me to despair."

"#35. Does the world look bluer from blue eyes? Probably not, but I choose to think so (self-aggrandizement)."

Maggie Nelson, Bluets

Roni Horn, You are the Weather, 1994-1995

Reno Dakota
There’s not an iota
Of Kindness in you.
You know you enthrall me
And yet you don’t call me,
It’s making me blue.
Pantone two-ninety-two.
Magnetic Fields, Reno Dakota, 2000

Rachel Harrison, Untitled (Perth Amboy Series), 2001

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