Monday, March 18, 2013

Richard Prince Also Lives Here

Last fall, I inadvertently paid too much attention to a GPS location in my twitter feed. That action produced this piece for the Postcard Collective.  Since then, I noticed that in addition to Richard Prince's Long Island house, he also tweets from a Manhattan address. It was near the Museum of Modern Art and proved to be easy to find. Here are some quick snapshots from the iPhone (note the sculptures on the rooftop).

Realization #1: I am acquiring quite the mailing list if ever I had the guts to use it.
Realization #2: I need an old school Rolodex to store the Artist Stalking addresses preferably in the style of Phillip Johnson's:

"I know where you're going because I'm right in the middle of it." from The Philip Johnson Glass House.

(video still from above link)

Mine requires no white labels.

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