Monday, May 28, 2012

Letha Wilson: The Photograph as Sculpture

I re-discovered Letha Wilson's artwork while perusing through the Higher Pictures website of their latest exhibition Photography Is.  My eternal quandary is how much do I integrate sculpture into my photographs and Wilson's work is a welcome addition to the group of artists I have been thinking about that are interested in this process (Amanda Ross-Ho,  Sara Vanderbeek, Jason Urban, and Adam Thompson to name a few).

Check out Letha's website. There are so many amazing works that it was hard to choose the following. I wish I could see the Photography Is exhibition but no trips to NYC scheduled this summer.  

Letha Wilson, And So On (California), 2007

Letha Wilson, Colorado Prop, 2010

Letha Wilson, Right Back at You, 2009

Letha Wilson, Rock Face, 2011

Letha Wilson, Two by Four, 2011

Letha Wilson, Vertical Horizon (White Sands), 2010

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