Sunday, October 23, 2011

16 Hours of the Last 28 Spent on This...

Fun times if I am blogging about tenure notebooks and faculty retreat doodles. Excuse the BAD, blurry photos. They were taken late at night in my school office. Should have used the flash. I printed 22 pages of imagery (student work and yours truly) from the past year.

I'm finished with the exception of the fact that I am waiting patiently for my peer review to appear. I don't know if it's acceptable to have a notebook this fat or whether or not I'm supposed to have two.

The (can't believe I'm admitting this) fun fact about all of this is that I started my own version of a tenure notebook the day after I graduated from high school. The proof lies here (home again with a flash = hi wrinkle!). Apparently I teach photography yet one would hardly know it from this entry.

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