Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Looking for someone to be me for five days this month... Must be able to participate in the Animation Search committee meetings and attend a lecture, meet with five BFA thesis students, teach seven classes, and feed my cats. Anyone?

Cindy Sherman as Richard Prince, Richard Prince as Cindy Sherman, 1983

Matthew Barney as Gary Gilmore in Cremaster 2

Duane Michals, Self-Portrait as Someone Else I and II, 1968

Alfred Hitchcock poses as a woman for a magazine article, c. 1964

Douglas Gordon, Self-portrait as Kurt Cobain, as Andy Warhol, as Myra Hindley, as Marilyn Monroe, 1996

Bruce Conner as Dennis Hopper and Dennis Hopper as Bruce Conner, From The Dennis Hopper One Man Show, 1973

Janine Antoni, Mom and Dad, 1993-94

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