Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day in the Life of an Ice Storm (As Illustrated by William Eggleston)

It's pouring ice right now. Last night I determined that I was walking on frozen creme brûlée as I was contemplating how much I needed a new windshield scraper (the one I own is as old as some of the photographs below = no exaggeration = 30 minutes to de-ice the windows). In my preparation for expected power outages... I filled up my empty tank with gas. It is payday! No more conserving fuel.

Webb, Mississippi, c. 1969

I bought food and water stocking up the refrigerator with food that can easily be transferred to an ice chest and placed in the garage when the power goes out (I also made a loaf of bread, oatmeal raisin cookies, pasta, and defrosted some soup)

Memphis, Tennessee, c. 1970s

Because my smart wool socks were dirty, a load of laundry was in order. Some sweaters are still drying on top of the machine just like the image below.

From Los Alamos, 1969-1974

If the power does fail, I'll be wishing for one of these as this is an all-electric duplex:

From The Guide

... in addition I'll be dreaming of a hot shower. Maura suggests taking one every hour on the hour while we still have electricity.

Memphis, 1973

What I'll really be doing is thinking of spring which cannot get here soon enough.

Untitled (I can't remember where I found this) - It's white but it sure isn't snow! It also reminds me of Pink Trees by Alexis Pike.

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