Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Issue of Art News

Shannon filled me in on February's cover story on Art News. The article by Nicole J. Caruth entitled "For some artists, cake is a subject. For others, it's a medium" allowed me to gain insight into a few other artists working with cake (though for the most part, theirs are real while mine are fake). As I'm continually thinking about presentation with the series Nine Fake Cakes and Nine Bodies of Water, I was drawn to the fact that Will Cotton opened his own temporary pastry shop when exhibiting his work in 2009. The detail is tremendous: the cupcake head pieces, his painting on the wall referencing similar color schemes, and cakes precariously piled as sculptures. Images via.

Dustin Wayne Harris' series Cake Mixx features nine photographs and one sculpture when it was first exhibited at the Heist Gallery. Harris asked women to bake him a cake following their first date and his titles represent the name of the bakers. All the images in the series can be found here.

Of particular note in the above link is this passage: "Lindsey Kremkau, its baker [of the above cake], said the cake was a representation of Harris. “It’s fun to look at and tastes good but it’s not very appealing or perfect in any way,” said Kremkau. “It’s like a mess on the inside, a mess on the outside but you still want to be near it, touch it and look at it because it’s interesting.”

My next rejection letter will come from Kreëmart as I can't help but pass up an opportunity to contact an organization that "gives opportunities to artists to explore dessert as a medium." Leandro Erlich, one of my favorite installation artists created this chocolate couch in conjunction Kreëmart entitled You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too. It's a life-size replica of Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Daybed.

You can buy one of Franco Mondini-Ruiz's layered/stacked canvases for $5000.

I love Laurie Simmons' series of objects on legs and what do you know! She has a Walking Cake from 1989.

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