Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It Worked! It Worked! The Cake Plates are Done!

There is even one extra one! This isn't the world's best photo but when they are so weighty and you only have a cell phone, you'll take what you can get. These have a green tint compared to the others and it is due to how much the glass was recycled in the kiln. I happen to love that they aren't perfectly clear.

• Next up... back to the lighting studio with these heavy plates to rephotograph all the cakes with Serena (I might have to change my desktop image - ahem).

• Find out whatever has happened to my matboard back-order to get the frames in the right corner of this photograph FINISHED (Heather I know you are waiting!).

• Yes or no on the cards that will go next to the cake platters? Still figuring out that final part of the presentation.

• Speaking of installation, I don't know what kind of table will be strong enough to hold these. I swear the glass plates each weigh 25 + pounds.

• Yes, I finally sent all the applications mainly to locations in California so waiting for rejections letters will also be inevitable.


  1. You should look at restaurant supply stores for ideas on a table or shelving units for display.


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