Sunday, April 16, 2017

NYC Field Trip - March 2017

Mateo López, Undo List at the Drawing Center

Lately, I am enamored by small gestures and found several of them on a school field trip to New York City. López's ruler, in which all the numbers had fallen off only to be drawn on the sheet of paper below, was a highlight. If my main medium was drawing, I would strive to make art like his (also similar to this in concept).

Chance encounter in the Sky Room at the New Museum - a woman crouching to photograph a toy dinosaur - her form resembling the plastic creature itself. The room, bathed in white light, hints at the mountains of snow melting in the city below.

Raymond Pettibon, A Pen of All Work at the New Museum

I could stand all day in the "wave room" engulfed by Pettibon's large-scale drawings, perhaps finally understanding what it would feel like to surf a pipeline (via words not action). It was the sentiment of the phrase that made me feel small in the midst of overwhelming blue.

These are not Duane Hanson sculptures. Despite the controversy (we were there during the first Dana Schutz protest), this was the best Whitney Biennial I had ever seen and am thankful for its diversity and references to current times. The reaction above was the exact opposite of mine yet I appreciate seeing others sleeping in public where people had no reservations documenting it.

Toiletpaper Paradise at the Cadillac House

This was not a small gesture - rather an immersive experience into the Toiletpaper world I continue to respond to each month on Instagram. I am grateful that the rest of the gang enjoyed it as much as I did. Seeing flat photographs come to life in three-dimensional (and often functional form) was an eye-opener in various modes of presentation.