Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dreaming of Swimming Pools

It's winter... it's snowing again... It's escapism... That's all...

Carlo Van de Roer

Kelli Connell,
Floating, 2005

Bernard Faucon, Wading Pool, 1977

Anna Gaskell, from "Wonder," 1996

Anthony Goicolea, Pull Pushers, 2001

David Hockney, A Bigger Splash, 1977

Rinko Kawauchi, Untitled, 2005

Catherine Opie, Miggi and Ilene, LA, 1995

Gabriel Orozco, Ball on Water, 1995

Laurie Simmons, 1981

Alec Soth, A-1 Motel, 2005 (from Niagara)

Mariko Mori, Empty Dream (Detail), 1995

Leandro Elrich, Swimming Pool, 1999