Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christian Marclay's "The Clock"

I would love to see Marclay's The Clock above (at the Paula Cooper Gallery up until the 19th February). From the White Cube website:

"The Clock is constructed out of moments in cinema when time is expressed or when a character interacts with a clock, watch or just a particular time of day. Marclay has excerpted thousands of these fragments and edited them so that they flow in real time. While The Clock examines how time, plot and duration are depicted in cinema, the video is also a working timepiece that is synchronised to the local time zone. At any moment, the viewer can look at the work and use it to tell the time. Yet the audience watching The Clock experiences a vast range of narratives, settings and moods within the space of a few minutes, making time unravel in countless directions at once. Even while The Clock tells the time, it ruptures any sense of chronological coherence."

Here's a news clip about it from the BBC:

Some other images by artists who incorporate clocks:

Charles Ray, Clock Man, 1978

Stephen Shore, Thunderbird Motel, Bend, Oregon, 1973

Andrew Moore, National Time Clock, Former Cass Technical High School Building, Detroit

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Perfect Lovers), 1991

Adrienne Garbini, Cognitive Decline #1, 2011

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