Friday, March 30, 2018

Final Friday, David Owsley Museum of Art

There are two things that I agree to do because they are personal challenges: public speaking and written publications in the form of reviews or essays. Last week I "performed" my second Pecha Kucha in half a decade by speed reading (because there was no other way to get through it) information about twenty slides that were shown for twenty seconds apiece. The theme was "Beginnings" after the Richard Diebenkorn exhibition on display in the museum's galleries.

I translated "beginning" as an opening, an introduction, an origin, a source. The first time we do something can reverberate into the present. The images above represent an early artist's book and the current one in progress and "The First Series that Changed Everything: Aunt Eleanor." Others included "the first time I suspected something was amiss in the Interlibrary Loan Department," "the first time I broke the law for art and the last," "the first series that has nothing to do with photography," and "the first time obsessive counting became part of my art practice." 

Photographs courtesy of Jordan Huffer and the David Owsley Museum of Art

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