Saturday, April 11, 2015

Emporia State Visiting Artist Lecture

Emporia State University, March 2004 (photo by Eric Conrad)

At the end of February, I visited Emporia State at the invitation of my dear friend, Eric Conrad. I first spoke here in 2004 and was happy to return to present the Stalking Artist: In Pursuit of Home series and visit students in a digital photography course. Here are some random images from the visit:

Emporia State: Where Art Departments are Tornado Shelters.

If only I had a story to tell on these rotating chalkboards.

Ever since starting the Art Department series, I am fascinated with taking quick snapshots of other classrooms in the pedagogical environment. Here is one from the Art Ed classroom....

... and jewelry display case.

The view from Eric's old (non Chair of the Art Department) office and poster advertising his Ball State University visiting artist talk.

A small detail in Yoonmi Nam's Lawrence, Kansas studio featuring one of Eric's sculptures with a cast on her arm.

Emporia State University, February 2015 (photo by Eric Conrad) - we couldn't find the pointer from eleven years ago so chalk was used instead.

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